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  December 20, 2021

5 Challenges to Keeping Application Environments Secure

From sophisticated e-commerce engines to cloudbased productivity solutions and personal
tools on mobile phones, applications are how things get done.

In the information age, applications exchanging, processing and analyzing data are critical
to staying ahead of the competition. The need for application agility has driven an increase
in cloud adoption. According to Radware’s The State of Web Application and API
Protection1 report, 70 percent of production web applications now run in cloud

Moreover, it has resulted in application development and deployment becoming
increasingly diverse, resulting in the majority of organizations dealing with hybrid,
heterogeneous environments that span public clouds, private cloud and on-premise data
centers. According to the aforementioned report, the development of applications occurs
primarily within a company’s on-premise data centers or private clouds (see chart). Seventy-
one percent of application development occurs either on-premise or in private clouds,
while the remaining balance is mostly housed in single public cloud environments.